Portfolio Management

KSJ employs leading-edge, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)-compliant processes to assist organizations establish and adopt efficient and effective Portfolio Management capabilities. We are proficient in assisting Government organizations in the implementation and operation of effective Portfolio Management and IT financial governance processes. KSJ also provides comprehensive portfolio management services to both enterprise and program office organizations, with emphasis on alignment of proposed and approved IT investments with organizational IT strategic plans, objectives, and priorities. KSJ employs industry best practices, effective IT financial governance structures, management processes, and reference policies to best align with the client’s needs. We promote adoption of consistent processes across the enterprise to synchronize top-down enterprise planning with bottom-up execution.

KSJ offers:

– Fully qualified and certified Portfolio Managers to educate and train
– Comprehensive IT strategic planning services
– Creating and executing processes to manage:

  • Estimation of Costs and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Establishment of key performance metrics and scorecards
  • Use of established Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes and tools
  • Application of best practices and lessons learned to ensure continuous improvement
  • Governance processes providing an accessible repository of portfolio information
  • Developing requirements, performance measurements and governance structures

KSJ’s processes and practices lead to establishing and maintaining transparency across the enterprise by delivering fact-based information when it’s needed in making informed decisions on projects, products, and IT services “now and in the future”.

KSJ also drives quality assurance into the evolution of portfolio management by developing and analyzing Best Practices and Lessons Learned to continuously improve Portfolio Management based on industry lessons learned, and our extensive experience gained in support of Federal and DoD programs. This experience includes assisting in the portfolio management of over 180 systems, and support IT investment prioritization for Navy Medical.


PEO has been conducting a staffing review using a model that they have developed and we have helped form.  A great majority of the ground work has been done by your outstanding support staff.  In the end, though it took a great team to finally get the recognition for all the work we do, and their efforts have yielded great fruit…the PEO validated an increase in staff from our current level to the validated level!!!!  This is a 116% increase and could not have been done without their extraordinary hard work and leadership. Thank you all!!!