KSJ & Associates provides a broad range of government program management and information technology consulting services. Our skill sets encompass proper planning, execution, and life cycle management of complex information technology acquisitions using a Select, Control, Evaluate model for portfolio management and benefit-cost assessment. We assist our clients in achieving outcomes from their information technology investments that measurably advance their stated mission.

Our Consultants support all phases of the acquisition lifecycle.

Services include:

  • Outsourcing Studies
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Capital Asset Plan and Business Case (OMB Exhibit 300)
  • Acquisition Program Documentation
  • Business Planning and Analysis
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Economic Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance
  • Performance Measurement and Management
  • Program Integration and Management
  • Risk Management
  • Information Technology Deployment and Sustainment Support

KSJ uses proven techniques for integrated project planning and execution, modeling, analysis and reporting.

  • Collaborative planning tools (e.g. Mindjet, MindManager and Visio)
  • Project Management tools (e.g. Microsoft Project and Primavera Suite)
  • Customized databases and spreadsheets
  • Function Point Analysis for scoping a software development effort
  • Software Lifecycle Management products for resource estimation
  • Uncertainty estimation tools (e.g. @Risk)
  • Structured and repeatable processes
  • Capability Maturity Model implementation
  • Life cycle performance measurement
  • Performance based management system (Earned Value Management)