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Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI) 

Contract Number: HC104719D2031

SETI provides a suite of engineering services, expertise, and support in the planning, research, development, implementation, and deployment activities for future, proposed, current, and legacy Department of Defense (DoD) information technology (IT) capabilities, services, and systems. It delivers IT engineering support services throughout the entire acquisition lifecycles of DoD solutions, systems, and system components.

Prime Contractor:



DataNet Systems Corp.; Diverse Business Systems, Inc.; ECCO Select Corp.; RKF Engineering Solutions, LLC; Knowesis, Inc.; KSJ & Associates, Inc.; Martin Federal Consulting, LLC; Quotient, Inc.; Spatial Front, Inc.; TriSept Corporation; Tuskegee University, College of Engineering; Weems Design Studio, Inc.

KSJ’s SETI Contract Number: HC104719D2031


KSJ’s SETI Period of Performance: 6/5/2020 – 6/4/2030

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