KSJ’s Technical Approach to Training

Our trainers focus on helping the trainees utilize the training material as a tool to accomplish user goals, rather than forcing user tasks to fit the constructs of the training material. Our technical approach includes:

  • Site assessment to determine the ideal training approach based on site’s needs
  • Obtaining data on common procedures, specialized business practices and custom templates, etc…
  • Collaborating with clients to create templates or utilize forms that address their unique business practices
  • Utilizing over-the-shoulder training to show users how to optimize their use of the system to fit their own style
  • Working with users to optimally integrate support staff throughout application based on business workflow

Effective Training Program Management

KSJ has extensive experience collecting, analyzing and incorporating user and trainer feedback to modify our training approach to address specific issues. We employ enterprise trouble ticket system data, surveys and training metrics to measure training effectiveness, and apply said feedback to formulate specific enhancements of training processes and training content. In addition, KSJ provides project briefings addressing cost/price, schedule, performance, and status of each key element of the program, noting problems, risks, alternatives, recommended solutions, and tasks requiring a Government decision or interaction.

The KSJ Value

KSJ provides comprehensive training services customized to meet program objectives and promote user acceptance.

  • Experience in proactively pre-empting obstacles to user adoption
  • Appreciation and respect for the primary mission of the user group
  • Comprehensive approach to data gathering, analysis, reporting and applying lessons learned
  • Proactive use of enterprise help desk data to support identification of areas for training focus, measure training effectiveness, and to develop recommendations for training process and content improvement
  • Use of quality training materials, techniques, and qualified trainers
  • Continuous process improvement in both training processes as well as content, based on user feedback and measurement of training effectiveness data
  • When managing decentralized operating locations, we ensure training consistency through continuous communication and collaboration between all training teams
  • Our approach results in improved workflows, productivity and outcomes management


The team was great!   They did specific training with each unit’s Super Users, Leadership, and End Users. They were flexible and conducted evening shifts to capture those end users who needed the training also.


Your folks did a killer job!  Wow!  They were a serious boon to the effort.  I think we learned a lot about what it will take to replicate CPOE elsewhere


It works!!  It works!!  I am crying tears of joy at how beautiful it is!
You are awesome.  My technician is already using it and we are rocking through the day.