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Program Affordability Management

Program Affordability Management provides tools and processes to study, analyze, predict, and select cost elements and approaches affecting program costs and schedules.


Our Program Affordability Management approach helps minimize program cost and risk, accelerates project processes, and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of project selection, control, and delivery.

 Credible and Dependable Cost Estimates

Our Program Affordability Management approach ensures credible and dependable Cost Estimates by providing:

- Clear visibility of scope changes and cost impacts

- Measures and metrics relevant from beginning to end

- Rapid & accurate resource and time estimates based on selected parameters of function, performance, and environment


 Program Schedule and Resource Analysis

- Structured foundations of activities, sequences, priorities, resources and interacting timelines throughout complex programs

-Use of proven processes to forecast costs with +/-10% of actual costs for over 18 years 


Portfolio Management

Here at KSJ we provide comprehensive portfolio management services to both enterprise and program office organizations, with emphasis on alignment of IT investments with organizational strategic plans, objectives, and priorities.


Best Practices

Our team uses established Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes and tools to optimize IT investment performance.  We implement effective IT financial governance structures, management processes, and reference policies to best align with client needs and promote the adoption of consistent processes across the enterprise to synchronize top-down planning with bottom-up execution.  Our processes have been used enterprise-wide for successful optimization, rationalization, and cost savings.


Continuous Improvement

We continuously improve Portfolio Management based on industry lessons learned and our extensive experience gained in support of Federal and DoD programs, including assisting in the portfolio management of over $1 billion.

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