Systems Engineering and Architecture Services

KSJ’s innovative engineering solutions will meet your most stringent objectives by providing an optimum mix of quality, efficiency, and cost savings in a secure environment.  KSJ’s software, network, and hardware systems engineering processes provide an interdisciplinary approach to create, evolve, and assure system solutions and products that satisfy customer expectations and meet public acceptability. Our senior systems engineering and architecture consulting staff have extensive experience in all facets of systems engineering, enterprise architecture, IT strategic planning, and engineering consulting services spanning the complete IT lifecycle.  KSJ is committed to mature, structured lifecycle systems engineering processes, including those advocated by Six Sigma, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

– Systems Engineering Consultancy

  • Credentials and Capabilities to Understand and Solve Your Engineering Challenges
  • Justification to Acquire Implementation Resources

– Engineering Trade-Off Studies and Technical Analyses of Alternatives (AoAs)

  • Documented and Unbiased
  • Directly Useable for Structured Acquisitions

– Lifecycle Technical Cost Estimates

  • Detailed, Structured, Documented

– Enterprise Architecture (EA) Analysis

  • Incorporates and Supports Enterprise Goals and Objectives

– IT Strategic and Tactical Planning Support

  • Focused on Enterprise Goals and Technical Solutions

– ITIL Framework Services

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Sustainment Engineering and Support Services
  • Proven Processes and Procedures for Problem Solving

– Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • Development / Monitoring / Management

– Performance Management Strategies

  • Capacity Planning
  • Performance Testing
  • Operational Performance Monitoring and Measurement
  • Modeling and Simulation

– Technical Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation, and Risk Management Services

  • Anticipate, Evaluate, Quantify
  • Provided Prior To, During and After Engineering Analysis
  • Avoid or Mitigate Risks, Threats and Uncertainties


The entire engineering team was recommended for recognition for an outstanding job in deploying the BCS Dev/Dev Test environments. I do understand the herculean effort that went into this deployment and the outstanding contributions you provided.